Tao Guitars......we're so stoked.

What do you get when you apply great automotive design, architecture, love for Japanese culture and art into the creation of a masterful instrument?

Tao Guitars, of course!

Tao Phaeton

Tao Phaeton

Guitars-Electric is humbled and honored to announce partnership and exclusive distribution of Tao Guitars US.

Serge Michiels and John Joveniaux started their company in Brussels, Belgium about 12 years ago in the shop that in its former life was restaurant kitchen.  And the designs coming out of that shop show the inspiration of vintage classics, but merged with an un-matched aesthetic sense.  

Since then they became very recognizable and respected in the world of boutique guitars. Their instruments are played by greats like Billy Gibbons and Peter Holmstrom to mention a few.

Billy Gibbons's "El Mirage"

Billy Gibbons's "El Mirage"

Combining high-end technology, innovation, best possible materials and old school approach to guitar building they are creating very unique guitars that belong in a museum or gallery as well as strapped on the shoulder of a serious musician.

These guitars define the phrase “Functional Work of Art”.

Their “Standard” models are:

* T-Bucket - their tribute to classic designs, offspring of Fender and Gibson iconic guitars.

* Disco Volante - tribute to ES guitars (Electric Spanish, non-cutaway body shape). This model was inspired by 1952 Alfa Romeo model with the same name.

* Tao Guitar – the model that Serge and John had in mind since the dawning days of their company. This design is deeply influenced by Japanese traditional instruments and aesthetics.

* Phaeton – A Pinnacle of Tao Guitars Company.  The Phaeton is a hollow body Jazz Box loosely based on Orville Gibson’s 03 Style with major influences from the automotive designs of 30’s and 40’s

Serge and I met by pure coincidence in a guitar shop in NYC few years ago. After couple of sentences he kindly accepted invitation to my place where we discussed and played some great guitars including one of their T-Buckets. We spoke about guitars and tone for extended period of time and stayed in contact since.

The first thing I could notice when I started playing T-Bucket is how well designed this guitar was. The whole guitar is extremely ergonomic and well balanced .

And its tone was nothing short of an amazing while its attention to detail still haunts me to this day. That T-bucket was one of the most responsive guitars I have ever played. Every nuance was captured through players fingers, a very inspirational instrument.

We are very excited to announce first T-Bucket build that should be in the store by the end of January.

This is going to be quite traditional build with Tao twist.

One piece Swamp Ash body for our T-Bucket

One piece Swamp Ash body for our T-Bucket

Flame Maple neck

Flame Maple neck

Please keep in mind that they are able to customize each build to a great extent.

Stay tuned for more info and photos!

Sincerely yours, Jaya & Brian