Probett Guitars

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Damian Probett and Probett Guitars.  Damian’s skill as a builder is well documented, but has been hard to experience here in the US.  Many knowledgeable guitarists and collectors of boutique gear feel his work currently rests alongside the builds of the highest level of currently produced instruments.  We have been long smitten with the design of the Rocket III and his ’59 and ’54’s reveal an ‘it’ quality that is not apparent in many designers work. 

Damian's guitars are a success in merging the best features of vintage instruments and tones combined with a tonal sophistication and playability of the finest builds currently available.

We will be representing Damian’s builds from a West Coast perspective, and we are incredibly chuffed by this partnership. 

The current guitars on order are a Rocket ’59 and a Rocket III.

Please check this space for updates, and feel free to inquire regarding builds from Damian.  

Best! - Brian & Jaya