Hey, Christmas 2015 is just a few days away

Writing a quick update on a couple exciting items, but also wanted to share how thankful I am that we’ve got Christmas approaching…the family stuff and the holiday good cheer is super welcome this time of year.  It also is generally accompanied by a ton of year end wrap up stuff for our day jobs, and I can say that all of us here at Guitars-Electric are maybe just a little bit burnt. Really looking forward to having some time off for the holiday to focus on the business, the site, its a structure and content and some of the more “businessy” aspects of what we have to do to make this continue with the good luck and fortune that has accompanied our efforts to date.  We sincerely hope you have something similar on your plate for the upcoming weeks.  We wish you all the downtime you've earned.

So…we have another luthier who we will be representing on the West Coast only.  He’s esteemed, he is a super nice guy, he’s a bad ass builder, he’s from the UK.  Representing guitars by both he and David Myka is such an honor for us.  His name is Damian Probett (!) and his work can be viewed here.

We have two currently on order, and here’s a tease…an unfinished carve top body.  :)  More formal unveilings and revealings are forthcoming.  In like a week.

Additionally, we’ve got the most amazing NEW Benson Tall Bird Tube Reverb up on the for sale page, here.  It’s better than you might imagine.  The best reverb, and an incredible preamp capability, simultaneously subtle and profound.  I bet it’s gone soon, and I’m going to need to find one to add to my rig. It’s one of those “always-on” signature tone providers that provides endless engagement and creativity.  Highest Recommendation from Brian, FWIW.

Expecting the first Myka guitar to be available in the first week of January.  With the amazing woods David has chosen for this inaugural build, the price looks to be at about $4600.00.

Finally, it looks like it’s going to be snowing here in Seattle on Christmas…how cool is that.  I hope you all have something nice to look forward to this week.

Warmth, Well-Wishes and Cheer from West Seattle - B