Why West Seattle Rules

So, Steph and I moved here a little over a year ago, and we feel we’re totally lucky.  We love this place for all the obvious reasons, proximity to downtown, Alaska and Admiral Junctions and Georgetown, Easy Street Records and the music scene, the proliferation of excellent restaurants and shopping, being surrounded on 3 sides by the epic Puget Sound, and Alki beach…and I’m just getting started.  

But from a Guitars-Electric perspective, the thing that rules about West Seattle beyond all of the above, is that when you add in a lower cost of living than in downtown, West Seattle supports a thriving musician and artist community. The West Seattle locals feed some of our friendly guitar shops such as Thunder Road and Emerald City guitars with killer vintage gear, and it also feeds the muse for the great luthier that is David Myka.  

David’s work resides in the upper echelon of custom electric builders world wide.  His knowledge of tone woods is very deep, and he can mix and match these exotic species of woods with more familiar species to create outstanding instruments in the realms of playability, fit and finish, and most importantly tone.  He’s a highly creative builder, willing to take on nearly any challenge thrown his way, and his original designs have become classic in their own right.

I met David in early 2014 after connecting in an online guitar related forum, and he’s been kind enough to have me by a number of times, share with me a little about the life of a luthier, and allow me to play a number of his builds in a variety of states of completion.  He is very kind, highly talented, incredibly detail oriented and obviously artistic.  He is open and free with his vast knowledge of both guitar construction and woods, and I think the thing that stands out the most is his ongoing curiosity in his craft.  Real dedication coming from a pure place.

Here are some photos from some of my visits checking out works in progress.  Please check out Davids incredible finished work here!  We look forward to being able to offer up a tone report or two on his soon to be released creations. And be on the lookout for an upcoming Q&A session with this gifted builder.

Myka Production Guitar #1!!

Myka Production Guitar #1!!

Hoping that Jaya will one up me with something from one of his East Coast builder friends.  Thanks all for checking this out, and stay tuned for the next installment....

Best - Brian