Benson Amps - Now Offered in our NYC location

Great news and great development on the Guitars-Electric front.  Both Jaya and I have had jaw-dropping experiences over the past year playing Chris Benson's amazing Monarch 15w amps.  His was with the 6v6 version, while I've had a great experience with the el84 version which provided just  the right amount of thickness and aggression for my Koll Superior.  

We're delighted to say we have placed our first orders as a Benson Amps partner.  We will be stocking a Monarch 6v6 combo in our NYC location, and we're the first NYC partner for Benson Amps!  The combo will be sporting a GQ approved custom fabric cover, guaranteed to turn heads.  This lovely beast will include a Jensen P12N, and one of Chris's new attenuators built in the cabinet.  

Benson Monarch Head and Cab!

Benson Monarch Head and Cab!

We will also have a Tall Bird reverb and one of Chris's new attenuators, a stand alone unit, in stock.The Tall bird is an incredibly flexible, tube driven reverb unit that will just blow your mind. And working in concert with the Benson Monarch, with its touch sensitivity, you have a formidable sound sculpting tool.  It can make your sound.

Check out Chris's site here and be on the lookout for more updates!