SeaTac Guitar Show - October 4, 2015

Guitars-Electric dropped by the SeaTac guitar show last Sunday, and had a terrific time.  Our local shops were represented in full force, with just a few absences noticed.  Guitar Maniacs, Thunder Road, M&M Guitar Bar all had some amazing guitars on offer.  Worth dropping by next year, or checking out the Bellevue event which fingers crossed will happen Spring '16.

One item that got yours truly very stoked were the Miller Ampwerks Seneca, which I played for quite a while.  It's an inspired amp influenced by an exceptional 6v6 design from the early 80's.  Matt Miller has tweaked the design significantly and has produced one of the thickest sounding, most touch sensitive amps I've had the pleasure of playing.  It resides on the boundaries between a Jazz amp and Fender blackface, but with gain and bloom that is rare to find.  Its a great amp, and we look forward to the production model.  More info available on Miller Ampwerks here.

Another highlight was the TV Jones booth.  I was able to sit down with Tom Jones and run through the variety of new offerings, plus some tried and true recipes.  While they all are amazing, T-Armonds, Classics, and especially the new chimy, clean and powerful Brian Setzer Signature model.  But.....the ones that just slayed were the Paul Yandell Duo-Tron, seriously special pickups.  Check these out when you have a chance here.   

All in all a great show, highlighting the vibrant nature of the Pacific NW Gearhead scene.  Cheers! Brian