Hello! My name is Predrag Dajic, aka Jaya.

I was born in 1972 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina, in the former Yugoslavia. My father is a music professor and I have been surrounded with music and instruments for the entirety of my life. Very early in my childhood music and musical instruments became my "healthy obsession" and passion. I've played classical guitar in my childhood and teenage years and finished music school. After 5 years spent as a music director on a National Radio Station and TV host in Bosnia and Hercegovina I decided to move to NYC with my better half and pursue my dreams. Soon after I graduated Institute of Audio Research in NYC I started working as an Audio Technician in reputable company where I spent 5 years learning more about audio. Parallel to work I began acquiring custom guitars, amps and through that process have become friends with some of most gifted guitar luthiers of our time.

I would like to share my passion and expertise in tone through "Guitars Electric" and help you finding unique, personalized instruments that will stay with you for life.

 And a note from Guitars Electric Seattle!

Brian is my husband.   This "about" page, therefore, will in no way be biased.  Here is a tall, handsome character, who spends most  of his time on the gear page and practicing and noodling on any guitar he can get his hands on.   A wife could be upset by this if she wasn't me, but since I'm a musician and Brian's in my band, I am ok with his guitar obsession.  I get it.  I'm the same way about pianos, the difference being that it's hard to have lots of different pianos sent here to try out, as they are so big.   Guitars, on the other hand, flow into and out of our house like a river.  Brian likes it like that.   

Brian and I have been playing in a band together in Seattle for about 7 years, and he's played in bands from the East Bay of California to LA to Portland.  From Gilman era Hardcore, to East Bay noise improv, SF power pop, and kicking off the very first song played at the Noise Pop festival in 1993.  It's a real joy to play with people you care about, no?  I hope you are lucky enough to love your bandmates!  I also play guitar, as well as keys in our band, and have had my own obsession with guitars over these past 20 years.  My favorite guitar I've owned was my 63 Jet Firebird.  I think Brian married me because I could talk to him about filtertrons.  

I used to sell guitars at a great shop in Seattle called Trading Musician.  I will vouch for my husband with experience in the vintage guitar trade:  You can be most assured that any guitar you purchase from Brian has been meticulously researched and any anomalies detailed with an almost OCD like clarity.  Seriously.  

-Stephanie Emery